What to Do If Your Boyfriend is Not Confident

It is a common thing to meet a shy boyfriend on a gay dating app because those gay singles who are not that confident will choose to find partners online. That’s the advantage of an online gay hookup app for them. But it is never a great thing for a gay man to be shy all the time. If you are dating a man who is not confident, you can find some ways to help him to be a more confident man.

1.Don’t tell your boyfriend that he is not confident. Sometimes, men will tell you that they are shy when you are on a gay chat app. Usually, a man who is not confident knows that they are not perfect. As his partner, you should never mention this in front of him to make him feel embarrassed. You should always be there for him and let him know that it is great to be confident. Just be patient and positive about his personality.

2.When he is nervous when he is out with you, you should never get angry. If you don’t support him when he doesn’t feel comfortable, then he will be more nervous and become more shy in the public. What you should do is trying to give him compliments to help him get over with his nervousness. No one hates to receive compliments from their loved ones. So, you can always say that he is the hottest guy in this room and you will never leave him or something like that.

3.Express how happy you are when you are with him. Don’t ever treat him like a burden. Instead, you should show him that you are so lucky and happy to find him on a gay app. And tell him that being with him will always make you feel satisfied with your life.

4.Don’t make fun of his weakness. Lacking confident can be a weakness for a gay man. It is never a good thing to make fun of one’s weakness. So, you’d better not to do that. Once you do, you will find it is easy to damage his self-esteem with your words. Just be there and support him.

5.Encourage him to go to the gym. Keeping fit will always make a man look better and confident. If your boyfriend is not confident with his body, you can encourage him to work out and build a great body. It will greatly increase his confidence level because of his new and healthy habits that can help him to be stronger and hotter.