What Do You Know about Transgender People?

In America, there are 6% percent of people who recognize themselves as transgender. This is not a small number. Are you one of them? What do you know about transgender people? Is there someone near you who identify as transgender? If there is, aren’t you curious? Do you know that there are transgender people who are gay and interested in gay dating, so-called grindr trans? If you are interested, I would like to introduce more of them to you. Please keep reading.

There are no right or wrong way to transition, only ways that suit you most. Some transgender people want to maintain consistency both mentally and physically by going through surgeries. This is a part of their transition. Some transgender people prefer to go without any surgery or even hormone therapy to achieve their gender identity, due to lack of financial support or other issues. No matter what they choose to do, it does not influence their gender identity. What real matters is thoughts in their mind, not their body or any medical treatment. If someone tells you that he/she is a transgender, so he/she is.

Do not ask questions about their genitals, surgeries or sexual life. It is not propriate to ask questions such as how does your genital look, or how do you perform your sexual life. Do not ask if they have gone through surgeries or they are pre-trans or after-trans. If a transgender person really likes to talk to you about such question, he/she will bring it up to you initially. Until then, you are not supposed to ask questions related. Likewise, do not ask them how does they usually perform sexually, just like it shouldn’t happen on any other cisgender people. Such courtesy should be applied to transgender people as well.

Do not try to praise them by sentences seemingly complimentary, but actually will be considered as ironic or even insult. As much as you hope it might be a cheer-up for them, but it actually could cause misunderstanding. “Oh, I would never know that you are a trans. You are so pretty”, “You look like a real woman”, “You are gorgeous. There is no way that you are a transgender”, “I would date you regardless of you are a trans”, “You are brave and I admire that”, “I think you should wear less make up and you would pass better”, “Have you ever considered to find a voice teacher”.

Do not tell anti-transgender jokes in public, especially in LGB community, or you could get yourself in trouble. You may know some joke about grindr trans that are really funny and you may merely want to make everyone laugh, but there is never proper excuse to tell a discriminatory joke about anyone.

Here are some tips for you to behave properly if you don’t want to embarrass yourself or other people. I hope you find them helpful in certain circumstances.