Transgender People and Gay Are Different From Each Other

I want to think about sexuality because I’ve heard a lot of people asking this since Caitlyn Jenner became Caitly Jenner when someone goes through a transition, do they stay heterosexual? Is it different for every individual? And I like that questions because there’s often that conflation or confusion even that transgender people and even gay and leabian person who don’t want to be gay and lesbian, and are trying to becoming heterosexual of which that’s a misconception you’vegot your sexual orientation which acctually speaks to the people that you are attracted to and emotionally, sexually, romantically and otherwise whereas your gender identity speaks to you the self that I heard this yeaterday.

Somebody daying your orientation is who you sleep with ypur gender identity, is who you sleep as you. But that’s so essentially then you find that the transgender person can be the whole plethora of options or ailable orientations. You’ve got transgender women who are lesbian on a trans app, you’ve got transgender men who are gay, you’ve got transgender people are some of them who are sexual, you’ve got others who are pansexual, so the whole list of orientations that we can give for any other regular folk is still the same options that a trans person can be able to fall within. Do you find a lot of people just categorize transgender people as gay. Because then they simple has said that they are still as a very misconception or misunderstanding that people think first, and a transgender women is there a gay person who’s over doing it right.

People think a transgender man is just an exhilarating butch lesbian and I can tell you now, a hay man is a man and has no wish to be a woman unless the the person is transgender woman, so in the case of Bruce Jenner or now Caitlyn Jenner who we understand in the previous person had childern with a female bodied person and was married to that person changing and physically now becoming who they really are as a woman dose not necessarily, now it means they will stop eing attracted to the people that they were attracted to prior to that transition. So, essentially you are transitioning or your gender identity and expression dose not denote who you are attracted to sexually. It’s very separate to who you see yourself as, but Caitlyn has the same like all of us in to explore her sexuality in if tomorrow she wants to explore man. Why not it’s like? I mean just like all of us have the same right, if you know it was we should not now limit to say okay, you used to be used to like women Bayatate stick to a man she has all the right to explore her body and her sexuality, whichever, way she please and it’s really none of our business.

We should always know that transgender people and gay are different from each other, and being trans doesn’t mean he is a gay or interested in gay dating.