Tips to know a man is Gay or Not?

You are gay and you know how things going with you. You will see many men around you and it’s obvious that you will get attracted to any random guy. It’s heartwarming feeling to approach that guy and convey your feeling. What happened if that guy is straight and not a gay. Maybe it is obvious to tell on a gay dating app. So, it is really an embarrassing moment for you if you directly approach that to guy and he refused your proposal because he’s not gay. So, what you would do then? How you will know that the person is gay or not? Here are the tips that you might get an idea that a person is gay or not. Once you know that he is gay, than it’s all depend of you how to express your feeling and tackle that guy. But if you know how to find guys on gay chat apps, then there is no need to bother. Here are the few tips –

Whenever you meet a guy in party and you want to go out with him on a date or something else. First of all you need to know that is he gay or not. Don’t approach directly and convey your feeling about your desires and plans about him. You need to be sure about him. So, here are the tips that you can find a guy that he is gay or not. Make an eye contact with that guy and try to make it constant. Once you get some response, go and introduce yourself. There are many pick up lines that you can use. First offer a drink to him and ask, if he is alone in the party or with someone else. If someone else, where is his partner? Try to bit personal in conversation. Soon turn the conversation into some interesting topic like sex in the party or somewhere else. Share your sex experience with him and check his reaction. If he is interested in the same, he will also take interest in the conversation and share his sex experience with you also. This is the right moment that you can ask from him to gout and take the advantage of the moment you got.

But there are also chances that you might not get a proper response from his side and he is only standing with you and not participating in any conversation or even not sharing his likes or any sex experience with you, than what happened? What you will do? Don’t be panic and never lose your patience. Stay calm and confidently continue your conversation. Once you are sure that he is not responding well to you. Try another trick, tell him that last time you went to gay event or parade and you really enjoy that gay event. This time it happens in our city and you will definitely go and join that parade. Ask him that is he also interested and want to go with him in gay parade or event. Real gay men will be intereted in that. If he says yes and interested to go with you. It’s the only moment that you are waiting for and don’t waste your time and share your feeling.

If he is not interested to go in any gay parade or event, it’s quite clear that he is not gay and you might go and find another mate for you.