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GHunt Review – No.1 gay dating app online

No matter what kinds of relationship you want, you need a really great gay dating app for you to find someone to connect. GHunt is made especially for gay men who are looking for a gay sugar daddy or a gay bear to have a mutually beneficial relationship. It is a safe and comfortable dating platform for gay friends to meet their potential dates and get to know them. If you are reluctant which app is the best for you to have a positive result, you really need to try this popular gay sugar daddy app.

How to get started
In order to save time for all gay men, it is made to be easy to create a new account. You can sign in easily with your Facebook account. However, if you don’t want to do it this way, you can also choose to create your account with one of your valid email addresses. Then fill out your nickname, password, birthday and choose to be a gay sugar daddy or a sugar baby. A photo is required to upload for a profile, which should be good-looking to attract others to get to you. Your account it almost done after choosing some items about yourself and including some words about yourself and your match you are looking for. Just remember your nickname or your email address you use to register in case you need them to reset your password when you forget it.

Top features
GHunt is a simple but useful gay dating app, so it doesn’t have so many complicated features that may confuse members when they are using them. Just talk a look at those features and get familiar with them:
QuickMatch: In this section, members will get many potential matches according to their preferences. And they can swipe right to like those they are interested in and swipe left to pass those they don’t like. It is easy and interesting.
Messages: When members receive messages from others, they will see them in this part. And they can also send messages here to others. It is instant and members can have great conversations with this feature.
Moments: Members can share their photos here anytime they want to. And they can receive others’ comments on their photos and reply to others. Besides, they can also comment on others’ to connect others.
Connections: Here are four lists, one is members that you have sent roses to, one is members who have visited you, one is members who have liked you, one is members you have liked. You can check those lists to contact those members.
History: Here you will see members you have matched with, you have liked and who have liked you in Quick Match by swiping right.
Settings: In settings, you can choose whether you want to receive notifications from the app, you can change your password, you can send feedback to the app, you can restore your purchase, you can delete your account or log out.
Profile page: Your profile page is all about you. You can update those information anytime you want and perfect them to catch more attention.

Plans and prices
You have to know that if you want to make the best of this gay dating app, you need to upgrade your membership with an affordable price. The plans and prices are listed below:
$8.99 / month for 1-month membership
$6.33 / month for 3-month membership
%4.83 / month for 6-month membership

Final verdict
GHunt is always trying its best to offer the best service to its members. All gay sugar daddies and gay bears can enjoy a good time here while they are connecting with each others. If you are looking for a great dating app to find a perfect partner, GHunt is definitely the right decision for you.

What Do You Know about Transgender People?

In America, there are 6% percent of people who recognize themselves as transgender. This is not a small number. Are you one of them? What do you know about transgender people? Is there someone near you who identify as transgender? If there is, aren’t you curious? Do you know that there are transgender people who are gay and interested in gay dating, so-called grindr trans? If you are interested, I would like to introduce more of them to you. Please keep reading.

There are no right or wrong way to transition, only ways that suit you most. Some transgender people want to maintain consistency both mentally and physically by going through surgeries. This is a part of their transition. Some transgender people prefer to go without any surgery or even hormone therapy to achieve their gender identity, due to lack of financial support or other issues. No matter what they choose to do, it does not influence their gender identity. What real matters is thoughts in their mind, not their body or any medical treatment. If someone tells you that he/she is a transgender, so he/she is.

Do not ask questions about their genitals, surgeries or sexual life. It is not propriate to ask questions such as how does your genital look, or how do you perform your sexual life. Do not ask if they have gone through surgeries or they are pre-trans or after-trans. If a transgender person really likes to talk to you about such question, he/she will bring it up to you initially. Until then, you are not supposed to ask questions related. Likewise, do not ask them how does they usually perform sexually, just like it shouldn’t happen on any other cisgender people. Such courtesy should be applied to transgender people as well.

Do not try to praise them by sentences seemingly complimentary, but actually will be considered as ironic or even insult. As much as you hope it might be a cheer-up for them, but it actually could cause misunderstanding. “Oh, I would never know that you are a trans. You are so pretty”, “You look like a real woman”, “You are gorgeous. There is no way that you are a transgender”, “I would date you regardless of you are a trans”, “You are brave and I admire that”, “I think you should wear less make up and you would pass better”, “Have you ever considered to find a voice teacher”.

Do not tell anti-transgender jokes in public, especially in LGB community, or you could get yourself in trouble. You may know some joke about grindr trans that are really funny and you may merely want to make everyone laugh, but there is never proper excuse to tell a discriminatory joke about anyone.

Here are some tips for you to behave properly if you don’t want to embarrass yourself or other people. I hope you find them helpful in certain circumstances.

What to Do If Your Boyfriend is Not Confident

It is a common thing to meet a shy boyfriend on a gay dating app because those gay singles who are not that confident will choose to find partners online. That’s the advantage of an online gay hookup app for them. But it is never a great thing for a gay man to be shy all the time. If you are dating a man who is not confident, you can find some ways to help him to be a more confident man.

1.Don’t tell your boyfriend that he is not confident. Sometimes, men will tell you that they are shy when you are on a gay chat app. Usually, a man who is not confident knows that they are not perfect. As his partner, you should never mention this in front of him to make him feel embarrassed. You should always be there for him and let him know that it is great to be confident. Just be patient and positive about his personality.

2.When he is nervous when he is out with you, you should never get angry. If you don’t support him when he doesn’t feel comfortable, then he will be more nervous and become more shy in the public. What you should do is trying to give him compliments to help him get over with his nervousness. No one hates to receive compliments from their loved ones. So, you can always say that he is the hottest guy in this room and you will never leave him or something like that.

3.Express how happy you are when you are with him. Don’t ever treat him like a burden. Instead, you should show him that you are so lucky and happy to find him on a gay app. And tell him that being with him will always make you feel satisfied with your life.

4.Don’t make fun of his weakness. Lacking confident can be a weakness for a gay man. It is never a good thing to make fun of one’s weakness. So, you’d better not to do that. Once you do, you will find it is easy to damage his self-esteem with your words. Just be there and support him.

5.Encourage him to go to the gym. Keeping fit will always make a man look better and confident. If your boyfriend is not confident with his body, you can encourage him to work out and build a great body. It will greatly increase his confidence level because of his new and healthy habits that can help him to be stronger and hotter.

Tips to know a man is Gay or Not?

You are gay and you know how things going with you. You will see many men around you and it’s obvious that you will get attracted to any random guy. It’s heartwarming feeling to approach that guy and convey your feeling. What happened if that guy is straight and not a gay. Maybe it is obvious to tell on a gay dating app. So, it is really an embarrassing moment for you if you directly approach that to guy and he refused your proposal because he’s not gay. So, what you would do then? How you will know that the person is gay or not? Here are the tips that you might get an idea that a person is gay or not. Once you know that he is gay, than it’s all depend of you how to express your feeling and tackle that guy. But if you know how to find guys on gay chat apps, then there is no need to bother. Here are the few tips –

Whenever you meet a guy in party and you want to go out with him on a date or something else. First of all you need to know that is he gay or not. Don’t approach directly and convey your feeling about your desires and plans about him. You need to be sure about him. So, here are the tips that you can find a guy that he is gay or not. Make an eye contact with that guy and try to make it constant. Once you get some response, go and introduce yourself. There are many pick up lines that you can use. First offer a drink to him and ask, if he is alone in the party or with someone else. If someone else, where is his partner? Try to bit personal in conversation. Soon turn the conversation into some interesting topic like sex in the party or somewhere else. Share your sex experience with him and check his reaction. If he is interested in the same, he will also take interest in the conversation and share his sex experience with you also. This is the right moment that you can ask from him to gout and take the advantage of the moment you got.

But there are also chances that you might not get a proper response from his side and he is only standing with you and not participating in any conversation or even not sharing his likes or any sex experience with you, than what happened? What you will do? Don’t be panic and never lose your patience. Stay calm and confidently continue your conversation. Once you are sure that he is not responding well to you. Try another trick, tell him that last time you went to gay event or parade and you really enjoy that gay event. This time it happens in our city and you will definitely go and join that parade. Ask him that is he also interested and want to go with him in gay parade or event. Real gay men will be intereted in that. If he says yes and interested to go with you. It’s the only moment that you are waiting for and don’t waste your time and share your feeling.

If he is not interested to go in any gay parade or event, it’s quite clear that he is not gay and you might go and find another mate for you.

How to find a Gay Man – Gay dating Tips

Finding a date is quite not easy for everyone, especially when you are gay and looking for a gay partner for gay dating. There are many tips for gay dating and all you can implement in your life easily for getting your first gay date. Being a gay man and having a shy nature won’t work together. You have to overcome with your shy nature and earn that confidence in you so that you can confidently approach in front of anyone and ask or say what exactly your desires are against him. However, there are not any strict guidelines to follow and you have to adjust according to the situation and the response you get from other end. Here are few tips to learn how to get your first date or how to find a gay man for gay hookup.

Accept yourself – If you really looking for gay chat relationship. It’s more important that you have to accept yourself as a gay in public places. Never be ashamed or feeling shy to declare you a gay in front of other or in any public places. Search gay bars or clubs in your city or nearby your area. Engage yourself in all gay clubs, gay events and be a regular member in these clubs and events. There are more chances that you find the best companion for gay dating and relationship.

Stay confident – Not matter where you are and what you are going to do – Confidence is one single thing that you need each and every time in every moment of life. Without having confidence, you really act like a slave and never able to impress anyone, no matter how attractive or how skilled you are. It’s a confidence that attracts other guys when we talk about dating especially gay dating. Gay men usually find a man sexy who is always full of confidence and approach to them confidently. Show you inner confidence to attract other and be yourself a center of attraction. You already accept yourself as a gay in front of your friends, relatives and family members. So, stay confident to find a date for you. Go any bar or restaurant, order a drink as it’s your own bar and you deserve a drink. Be confident. Approach a man to whom you feel perfect for dating. Ignore all negative thoughts that appear in your mind regarding failure or rejection. Bring all positive every in you while talking to other man.

Having a relationship is all you want to fun and enjoy. If you didn’t find fun anymore in your relationship that means you are not hanging out with a right partner and taking this relationship further isn’t that worth and beneficial. As happiness and being relax while sharing quality time with your companion is more important. And you are not having both or didn’t feel anything from relationship that means you need to stop here and move forward in life and find a new perfect partner.

Hope these tips will help you to find the Mr. Right for you.

Some Gay Dating Tips for gay men who are still single

Are you Gay or still single? Looking for perfect gay partner to hook up and want to go on your first date is always critical. If you still find it confusing and don’t know where you can find gay guys and how to approach or convey your feelings. You must need to know how to react and represent yourself in front of your partner. What to do and what not? There are many minor but essential tips you must know before going out for a date. Here are few but mandatory dating tips you have to follow in order to make your date a best date.

Essential gay dating tips
When you are going out for your first date, it’s mandatory that the place is well known to you and you know the best things about that place. Every person has different taste, some like restaurants, bars or some like parks. Before finalizing your first date spot, ask his suggestion too. Be sure that place isn’t too far or much noisy or rowdy. For first date, a bar, coffee shop, park or a restaurant is perfect place to go out.

Once you finalize your place and meet together, pay attentions to your partner views. Never use your phone or attending long calls in between dating. This makes him feel that you are getting bored in his company and he won’t be comfortable any more with you. You might lose your partner right in your first date.

Ask as many questions and let him ask too. Make sure, don’t ask about past relationships or never share about your past experience in your first date. It might embarrass for both. Avoid critical questions regarding alcohol, sex or go to hotel room or somewhere else privately in your first date. No one knows completely to anyone on his first meet.

Conversation is most important, try to know more about him and his likes or dislikes. Only knowing this, you know what kind of personality he is or are you comfortable with him or not? Be positive and stay relaxed. Don’t lose your confidence in any term. If you want your date to be success one, you have to be relaxed, talk freely and calmly, but pay attention to what your partner saying and must take care about his emotions. Don’t ask sensitive questions even if you too not comfortable to answer.
Respect each other, it’s an important term. Either you like your dating partner or not, must show respect to him. Treat him like the way you would like to be treated. Show respect and never look other men around you even though they are hot or handsome. This makes him un-comfortable.

Be honest, if you want your partner that he will be honest with you, stay honest with him too. If you don’t see that your date is going right and you are not comfortable with him, don’t make any false promise or commitments to call or meet him later. Be a gentle man and finish your date with a nice note and smiling face.

Dating first time with someone you never met before is never been an easy, hope these tips would work for you. Be ready and stay confident on your first date.

Transgender People and Gay Are Different From Each Other

I want to think about sexuality because I’ve heard a lot of people asking this since Caitlyn Jenner became Caitly Jenner when someone goes through a transition, do they stay heterosexual? Is it different for every individual? And I like that questions because there’s often that conflation or confusion even that transgender people and even gay and leabian person who don’t want to be gay and lesbian, and are trying to becoming heterosexual of which that’s a misconception you’vegot your sexual orientation which acctually speaks to the people that you are attracted to and emotionally, sexually, romantically and otherwise whereas your gender identity speaks to you the self that I heard this yeaterday.

Somebody daying your orientation is who you sleep with ypur gender identity, is who you sleep as you. But that’s so essentially then you find that the transgender person can be the whole plethora of options or ailable orientations. You’ve got transgender women who are lesbian on a trans app, you’ve got transgender men who are gay, you’ve got transgender people are some of them who are sexual, you’ve got others who are pansexual, so the whole list of orientations that we can give for any other regular folk is still the same options that a trans person can be able to fall within. Do you find a lot of people just categorize transgender people as gay. Because then they simple has said that they are still as a very misconception or misunderstanding that people think first, and a transgender women is there a gay person who’s over doing it right.

People think a transgender man is just an exhilarating butch lesbian and I can tell you now, a hay man is a man and has no wish to be a woman unless the the person is transgender woman, so in the case of Bruce Jenner or now Caitlyn Jenner who we understand in the previous person had childern with a female bodied person and was married to that person changing and physically now becoming who they really are as a woman dose not necessarily, now it means they will stop eing attracted to the people that they were attracted to prior to that transition. So, essentially you are transitioning or your gender identity and expression dose not denote who you are attracted to sexually. It’s very separate to who you see yourself as, but Caitlyn has the same like all of us in to explore her sexuality in if tomorrow she wants to explore man. Why not it’s like? I mean just like all of us have the same right, if you know it was we should not now limit to say okay, you used to be used to like women Bayatate stick to a man she has all the right to explore her body and her sexuality, whichever, way she please and it’s really none of our business.

We should always know that transgender people and gay are different from each other, and being trans doesn’t mean he is a gay or interested in gay dating.

3rder app for gay threesome and swingers

With an increasing number of members joining everyday, 3rder app has become one of the most popular gay threesome dating apps for open-minded singles and couples who wish to arrange a three way. This gay threesome app works for singles who want to join a couple or couples who want a woman or man to join them. They can access to others’ profiles to find what’s in common between them and decide whether to contact them or not. It is very easy to use and members can get connected with each without any barriers.

You can find it in App Store and download it on your iPhone. First you have to create a free profile and get an account. The process is easy and simple, which will only take a few minutes to get into the gay threesome app. You just need to provide some basic information about yourself to allow others to get to know you. And in the final step, you will need to include some words to introduce yourself with your advantages and introduce your matches with detailed information. However, you can keep it short but do not ignore it. All the steps will help you get more and more potential dates to come to you, which will save time for you when you are looking the ideal partners.

There is an outstanding feature on this gay threesome dating app that can help members to meet matches around them, which is called QuickMatch. It uses members’ location to find members nearby and filter them with some criterion that they set up. It works like a dating game. Members just need to swipe right if they like the profile or swipe left if they are not interested in that profile. It will display ten profiles one round and you have to wait for one minute for another round. So, just take care of the chance and find your ideal matches quickly. Those profiles you have liked will be listed there for you to check. Just send messages to them and you will get replies. If the one you have liked likes you back, then it is a match.

3rder app is surely the most helpful dating platform for couples looking for a third person or a singles female or male looking for couples. It is private and safe and All members can reach others by sending messages or comment on their photos.

Some Useful Online Gay Dating Rules

There are rules for everyone when they are doing something important that related to their lives. Those rules can lead men to achieve their goals easily and efficiently. So, it is significant to know some key rules for gay sugar daddies and gay sugar babies when they are connecting each other online. Or they may encounter numerous problems in the process of finding the right partner. Here are some top rules for all gay friends to have an enjoyable and easy time on gay dating apps.

Be honest
Honesty is one of the most important keys to a successful relationship that has been mentioned a thousand times on most dating tips. Today it will be brought up again. It is really an important rule to be honest when you are dating a gay sugar daddy or a gay bear if you want the relationship works for you. Try to be honest about yourself and tell others about your real interests, hobbies and opinions towards different things. That will make the dating process easier than lying about yourself all the way, which will lead to a successful relationship.

Learn to reply messages
No matter how busy you are, you are supposed to check your email box or message page to read those messages sent by others who are interested in you sometimes. And it is important for you to reply those messages that are elaborately edited. Only those who are willing to take some time to get to know you through your profile can send messages like that. Maybe he is your perfect partner as long as you decide to reply his messages. Besides, he will appreciate it. Even if you are really not interested in him, you should reply to say thanks. Maybe you two don’t get matched in the end, at least you will be friends.

Grammar mistakes and bad language
When filling out your information on a gay dating app, don’t spell wrongly or use bad language. First, grammar mistakes indicate that you are an uneducated man who may not be the perfect partner for those successful men who prefer smart guys. Besides, they may think you are a careless guy who would spell wrongly about your native language. When it comes to bad language, it is usually used when you want to abuse someone. When you use it without any intentions, others may not know it. And when you use bad language, it is hard to express yourself clearly. So, make sure you don’t make grammar mistakes or use bad language when completing your profiles or messaging with other gay sugar daddies.

Photos you upload should be up-to-date
It is your attitude to upload photos that you have taken recently when you are looking for a gay sugar daddy online. Do not upload photos ten years ago that may only mislead your matches and they would be angry when they see the real you. Or you can spend some time to take some good-looking photos to show to others.